YK Travel Sdn. Bhd.

East Asia and Pacific
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YK Travel was established in 2006 as a tour and travel operator with primary business providing inbound services. Due to intense competition in inbound business, after seven years in operation, the company decided to expand its business and later on added outbound services, such as ticketing services. YK Travel is an established tourist company (mainstream business) with strong social intent.

Inclusive Business Model

The proposed IB line: In order to sustain its business and to have a positive impact on the B40, the company embarked on an expansion plan for a new 30 housing units over the water villa resort with a semi luxury architectural design at Kuala Penyu, and designing that resort as an inclusive business.

A resort in which B40 people work is not sufficient for being classified as IB, and the company is looking to introduce more innovations to make the new business line inclusive. It seeks to assist the B40 by creating new and well-paid income opportunities through tourism. The company would target customers from overseas especially Europeans that appreciate the rustic, nature related, and authentic tour experience of the area and environment. Another target market would include tourists from Singapore, West Malaysian, Korea and Japan. The company will also welcome domestic tourists, in particular government or corporate personnel with their family.


The company would initially reach 200 B40 people, which it would increase to 1,000 by 2025. As it scales up its business, the company might reach out to vicinity areas (e.g. Keningau, Beaufort). The company would provide training and tourism skills, invest in infrastructure and assist with funding for the B40 (for example, for establishing homestays). It is estimated that one person can earn MYR 800-1,500 a month depending on the type of job they are doing and type of engagement (full time, part time, temporary etc.). While the income earned is low, it is additional income as there are very few alternative income opportunities in the remote area. As such the IB model would have high transformative impact for the B40 in this geographical area.