Inclusive Business Toolkit

Strengthen your IB activities in Base of the Pyramid markets


Published by
BoP Innovation Center
Published on
August 2019
The toolkit features 21 tools (PDFs) on four overarching topics. Each tool consists of around 8 pages.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to strengthen your position in the market by adopting a consumer-centric approach
  • Develop a future-proof and inclusive business organization
  • Acquire skills to get a grip on your finances and tools to present your company to potential investors


This toolkit on inclusive business has been developed by BoP Innovation Center, SNV and VC4A under the Inclusive Business Accelerator program (2014-2016) which was funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim of the IB toolkit is to support both SMEs and local business development consultants in their efforts to strengthen inclusive business activities in Base of the Pyramid Markets. This support can happen on 3 levels:

  • Strengthen their position in the inclusive business market
  • Making their organisation future proof
  • Prepare for access to investment

The toolkit consists of 21 tools, around 4 key areas of the Business Model Canvas: Marketing, Operations, Finance & Investment and Business Environment. Each tool contains:

  • Description of purpose
  • Clear instructions on how to use the tool
  • A worksheet to prompt practical use

This toolkit is relevant for you if...

  • Your company wants to strengthen its inclusive business model
  • You are a business development consultant that often works with SMEs on inclusive business
  • You have a particular interest in understanding how to build inclusive business models


For more information, visit or contact program manager Niek van Dijk.



IB toolkit section 1: Marketing

The consumer. That’s where everything starts. You want to get a clear understanding of their ambitions, desires, purchasing power, and so forth. From here, you can design how you want to reach this consumer. From value proposition all the way up to distribution strategy, these tools will help you take the consumer-centric journey, and are the start of anything else in your business model.

Customer Persona



Segmenting the market

Sizing the market

Value proposition

IB toolkit section 2: Operations

Great products or services can be designed from a consumer perspective to provide the perfect proposition, but how are you going to make sure you can actually deliver on it? The tools in the operations section of the toolkit will help you get a grasp of necessary business activities and resources to make these activities happen. Let’s look at the “engine” of your inclusive business.

Business Model Canvas

Gender inclusion

Key activities & resources

Planning for impact

Risk Analysis

IB toolkit section 3: Finance & Investment

Money makes the world go round; money makes inclusive business go round. As we talk business, we also talk finance. How can you get grip on your own finances, and how can you use this knowledge to see if, and how, you are going to explore the opportunities for (external) financing to scale your inclusive business model? The tools in the section are all about the business numbers!

Business plan

Funding & investment

Investment scan


Revenue & Costs

IB toolkit section 4: Business environment

No single business works in isolation. A business can only properly function if the business owner understands the contextual forces of the business, knows which stakeholders to partner with, and engages with the community it operates in. This section of the toolkit contains 5 tools that will help you get a better understanding of the business environment.

Community engagement

Contextual forces

Partner identification

Partnership brokering

Relationship mapping