ACI Seed, promoting climate smart agriculture in Bangladesh

Due to climate change, coastal flooding and bursting of river banks are common in the south coastal belt of Bangladesh. The wet land and high salinity in the ground make it difficult to grow crops which is why large parts of the region are left uncultivated during long periods of the year. As a result, poverty and lack of food is common among farm families and agricultural workers.

To overcome this problem, ACI has developed a variety of improved, specially adapted stress tolerant seeds for field crops (rice, wheat, maize, rapeseed etc) and homestead gardening that can be cropped all year around.

Inclusive Business Model

The seeds will be sold to farmers at affordable prices and, by providing training in proper and new efficient cropping patterns, crop yields will increase. ACI will not only be a supplier of seeds to the farm families but also a customer buying the full grown crops as commodities. These commodities will be sold by to various external vendors such as feed mills and food industries generating further income for ACI.

ACI seed partnered with a lot of development organizations like USAID,IRRI,Katalyst, IFC and many others to improve the life of the people through implying effective business policy in the market.


As a result farmers are becoming more productive throughout the year, they will get a stable income and have secure access to more nutrient rich crops and products for their own consumption.