Choosing, changing or combining customer segments
Business strategies before and during Covid-19

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The easiest decision to get wrong at the start? Which market segment is for you?

We had a lively discussion at the Editorial Board meeting last October, as we planned the themes for 2020, in blissful ignorance of what this year would bring. We decided not to go theme by theme, as we normally do.

Caroline Ashley

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Graphic summary #10


The easiest decision to get wrong at the start? Which market segment is for you?

In her editorial, Caroline Ashley explains the importance of choosing the right market segment for inclusive businesses. She delves into the ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted business models worldwide, concluding that for many inclusive businesses, this may be a time to reconsider which market segment is priority.

Caroline Ashley

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Navigating uncertainty to serve vulnerable customers

In this CLUED-iN issue we have compiled insights into a range of themes identified as important to developing targeted customer approaches in the inclusive business field, from partnerships to adaptability and sustainability. During these uncertain times, it will become more important than ever to serve customers and clients at the base of the pyramid in innovative and holistic ways.

Alexandra Harris

How to choose the best customers for your business idea

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call for action and new approaches if we are to meet significant global challenges.

ONergy Solar– Pioneering affordable solar energy in India through an innovative distribution and service network

In this interview, Antara Dey Bhowmik explains how the Indian solar company Onergy reaches both rural and urban customers through a strong distribution network combined with end-to-end service support.

LabourNet – Making a people-centred business profitable

LabourNet is an Indian social enterprise that focuses on formalising informal labour. In this interview, founder Gayathri Vasuvedan explains how the right pricing structure helped LabourNet to build a profitable and people focused business.

Ignitia – Serving the smallholder customer with targeted weather forecasts

Ignitia is a Swedish tropical weather forecasting company that provides small-scale farmers in Ghana, Mali and Nigeria with targeted and reliable weather forecasts to reduce risk and loss. In this interview, Liisa Smits, the founder and CEO of Ignitia, reminds us of the importance of not losing a focus on customer needs while taking into account cultural differences.

How Africa Is Using Medical Drone Delivery to Combat COVID-19

The drone delivery company Zipline is specialised in helping national health systems to react effectively to medical emergencies in remote communities. During the Covid-19 pandemic their services are critical and are helping to prevent system-wide shortages of medical products.

How Ebola taught me a few lessons

For Emiliano Mroue, the Covid-19 pandemic is not the first crisis he has led his company through. In this blog he shares his personal experiences from the Ebola crisis and how to apply these lessons to the current situation with Covid-19.

In Your Words

We wanted to get down to the practicalities of handling customer relations. Therefore we asked those who are running successful social enterprises what tools they use to manage their B2B and B2C customer relationships and why. Here’s what they shared with us: