Innovations and women

Eco-friendly women entrepreneurs
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Environmental Impact
Last mile distribution
Sub-Saharan Africa

Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) Fund* supports private sector initiatives that bring innovations on the market to tackle poverty, with a special focus in the inclusion of women and youth.

Eco Group Ltd, a local business in Uganda, with the support of IAP addresses health and income increase needs for low income women and their families, deforestation and CO2 reduction.

Read more and enjoy the interactive VR videos about this exciting innovation of locally manufactured cook stoves that use volcanic rocks for fuel (reducing ~75% of wood or charcoal consumption) in this interactive pageflow story:

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*IAP is a challenge fund capitalized by Sida and managed by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in collaboration with IB Sweden and BoP Inc. To find out more about our work or this case in particular you can find our contact details here: