The Role of Professional Farmer Groups in Delivering Living Incomes for Farmers

Small farmers need an efficient and accountable aggregation partner to access markets and services in a way that aggregates their products and demand to negotiate for better prices and stable markets. While it is not the only route to market, being a member of a mature, professional farmer organization can be a critical element of economic viability for smallholders. What are the ways farmer organizations build profitable business models for viable trade and high quality service delivery to their farmer members? What are the tools supply chain partners can use to assess and support this process? The webinar will feature SCOPE Insight and their partner about their experience developing these tools over the last decade and supporting their roll-out across many supply chains and geographies. Speakers include John Cherek (SCOPE Insight) and Mark Blackett (AMEA Network/ Rikolto). The webinar will take place 9:30 am - 10:30 am EDT. 

Agriculture or Food
BoP as supplier
Inclusive business models and strategy
Results Measurement and Impact